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Top 5 Eloisa James Novels. No.2 is a fan favourite.

Eloisa James is one of those readers whose books I buy without even reading the blurb. Because I know it will be good. That said, I am biased towards quite a few of them. So this is my very biased list of Top 5 Eloisa James novels.

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Let's count backwards, shall we?

At number five, we have:


Why I like it

Gaby has just returned from India to wed Peter Dewland. But Peter despises her and convinces his elder brother Quill to marry her instead. Quill is immediately attracted to Gaby but had refrained from perusing her due to his accident from years back which had left him crippled. He gets very painful headaches on performing strenuous activities which is not ideal for producing an heir. But one kiss and Quill swears to make Gaby his own, damn any headaches.

4.POTENT PLEASURES (#1 Pleasures)

Why I like it

Charlotte had been lured by a masked footman at a masquerade party but not against her will. Years had passed and Charlotte had made a dazzling debut in society. She meets the man again, but turns out he is no ordinary footman-he is an Earl and does not remember her. Was he really the masked stranger or was it a twin?

I know, I know, two books from the same series. But, I told you, this a very biased list. *Grins*.

3.WHEN THE DUKE RETURNS (#4 Desperate Duchesses)

Why I like it

This is the story of opposites. The Duke of Cosway and Lady Isidore are as different from each other as possible and that is what makes their love story fascinating for the readers. The two were married by proxy since the Duke was away touring distant lands. The Duke returns after many years to find that the sweet obedient wife he had envisioned in his head is quite different from the reality. Isidore is wilful, headstrong and just too beautiful.

I love hate-love stories.

2. UGLY DUCHESS (#4 Fairy Tales)

Why I Like it

This is another book from James’ Fairy tale series. The way in which the author brings life to the fairy tales of the past make the entire series enjoyable. The Ugly Duchess inspired from the ugly Duckling is the story of Theo and her Duke who turns into a pirate. It is another tale which shows that love is much more than mere good looks and riches and for those reasons one of my favourites.

And Now for the grand reveal.  P.S there is a special surprise for you at the end.

1.When Beauty Tames the Beast (#2 Fairy Tales)

Why I like it

Beauty and the Beast had always been one of my favourite stories from childhood. And when I grew up the idea of a love which is much beyond just materialistic things like good looks made me love the story even more. So I was excited bout this book even before I began reading it. The historical twist Eloisa James gave to the story made it so much more enjoyable. The amount of research she had done is very evident in the way she portrays the time period and other details.

By now you must have understood that I'm a big fan of her. I have read most of her works. But, after a while it became hard to keep track of all the novels. It became one big blur. My friend Jordan makes Author Checklists. I asked her (begged, is more like it) to make me one. Finally she agreed and here is the final result. And since I want to share this with my fellow Eloisa fans, I have convinced her to put it up on Amazon. Isn't it gorgeous?

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