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Meet the team.
Hira Summers is, quite frankly, as warm as summer. One of the five in the Pentatwine circle, Hira takes credit for coming up with the insane idea of starting a publishing house of their own. While she is not jamming to Zayn or binge watching random tv series, Summers can be seen scribbling in notebooks or typing furiously on her laptop. Though she is a self-proclaimed dreamer who walks with one leg in la la land, she is well loved for her sense of humour and quirky actions. (The fact that her one liners are met with deadpan expressions and face palms is only because her humour is on an entirely different level, and hence, is incomprehensible to beings of lesser computational ability.) 

Although she is a die-hard romantic at heart, her stories tend to have a darker and edgier flavour since loves to bawl her eyes out over a good tale.

Inia Florence is a flower with a strong fragrance. Too strong, some may say. Either way, she will always leave you reeling from the scent. Inia is a die-hard fangirl who, when in her natural habitat, is seen prowling about on Tumblr preying on her newest obsession. So don’t be surprised if most of her writing turn out to be inherently sarcastic or filled with references to the latest memes. Also, she is very passionate about LGBTQ+ issues and you will see a lot of gay literature among her book reviews and checklists. 
A chocoholic and a wannabe traveller who is a wannabe only because her bank account keeps saying NOPE, Inia Florence is one of the twines holding Pentatwine together.

Jordan Carat can be described in two words- sheer awesomeness. A blooming editor at Pentatwine Publishing, she likes hugging, warm tea, and chocolates. So while she trips and stumbles around, for she is as graceful as a swan, she writes fantastic pieces that are sweet and sublime. Pentatwine Publishing is a budding initiative commandeered by 5 friends, of which Jordan takes the whole credit of the awesome name. While each of these friends contribute different flavours to the friendships among one another, and consequently to Pentatwine, Jordan serves as the occasional official motivational speaker, embarrassing incident narrator (everybody lost count after 125), and many more roles that seem frivolous to mention.

Zoella is an avid reader, proud nerd, kpop and anime lover. She can become so engrossed in a book that she won't even know if a thief enter her home through the front door (unless that thief steals her book, then she will go all yee-haaa).
An absolutely gorgeous woman (as you can clearly see, modesty is part of her charm) resigned to acknowledge that she can't grow wolverine like claws or be a sword wielding kick ass queen(or sing gloriously, for that matter), she yearns to experience that magic through books. And because she adores book covers and was tired of seeing crappy covers on awesome books, she became a book cover designer.

And she lived happily ever after. Or, maybe she inherited the largest library in the world. Same thing.

Come join us, as we discover our new favourite reads, gush over gorgeous covers,discuss our book boyfriends and much much more.


  1. O waow! I really love the beautiful words used for the bio.<3 these biographies hid an answer to one of my misunderstanding : at first I thought what kind of a name is penatwime??! And now I know it is because of penta (5) and the twines that hold each other. That's a very very smart name. I love everything in pentatwine <3 thanku for everyone's hard work <3

    1. Hello Maryam!
      Hira here...I have heard a lot about you from Zoe, loved the review you sent btw.
      The credit for our awesome name goes to Jordan, I swear she squealed out loud when she saw your comment. Thank you so much for writing for us and do keep in touch :)


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