Thursday, 21 July 2016

Cover Love #7

Once again it's my favorite day of the week Cover Love Thursday! Yeeey! I swear, this is my favorite feature of all and I would like to take a moment to personally congratulate Zoella for coming up with this brilliant idea...(I know, I was shocked. Who knew that pretty little head had so much stuff in it! Shocking). 
But, unfortunately she won't be joining us this week. But, she has sworn on her Ilona Andrew's books that she will be here next week.

Anyways, lets begin. *Cue Drum Rolls*

Cover Love Week 7

Reckless and Ruined by Bethan- Kris || Cover Love
Reckless and Ruined by Bethany-Kris
 Hira: My favorite color combo. What's not to love about this cover. This is the cover of the second book of Chicago War series...remember the last week cover? I told you that I will try to put up the other covers...remember now? I love the fact this cover is utter chaos. And I am taking that it alludes to blood and smoke (maybe gunpowder)...totally the scene of a war. And the lady in the she is right in the thick of it all.

The Shadow Hour by Melissa Grey || Cover Love
The Shadow Hour by Melissa Grey

Hira: The yellow on flame palette is what pulled me towards this cover. Also the shapes arising from the flame, The phoenix and the black shapes on the side? Is it wolves or maybe dragons (or I am too obsessed with game of Thrones...LOL) Also love the font.

Twisted by Hannah Jayne || Cover Love
Twisted by Hannah Jayne

Hira: I think what I like about this cover is its aura of mystery. It is twisted...the cover conveys that much. There is dark but there is light is dawn or dusk? Who knows. Also the silhouette in the whole Sherlock Holmes getup...whats the story there? Interesting isn't it? The font is minimal still striking.(Am I the only one who noticed that the title has a shadow?).

Sheva by R Lee Walsh || Cover Love
Sheva by R Lee Walsh
Hira: Serious Game of Thrones vibes...don't tell me you can't see it! The whole thing reminds of the white walkers...Okay even keeping that aside, this is one damn cool cover (*pun not intended*). And the font stands out perfectly. Definitely a favorite of mine.

Her Black Wings by A.J Norris || Cover Love
Her Black Wings by A.J Norris

Hira: I am not usually a fan of this style..but something about this cover appealed to me. I am sure Zoe would have more to speak of this cover than me since it's her forte. But I just wanna say that I love the name of the book as well the whole feel of the cover. I mean...the girl is dark. She is no goody two shoes and that's my favorite kind of heroine.

Feverborn by Karen Marie Morning || Cover Love
Feverborn by Karen Marie Morning

Hira: Are you even wanna ask...I love red. I love the cover. I love the whole palette. I love the whole  overused clique of a Red Riding Hood lost in the deep mysterious forest. Don't judge me. Who cannot love that shade of red?

A Shade of Blood by Bella Forrest ||Cover Love
A Shade of Blood by Bella Forrest

Hira: Why does this cover remind me of an ancient Indian princess waiting for her prince on a full moon night? There is this whole aura of mystery and magic in the cover. The blue-white combo does that. I didn't really like the font in which BLOOD is written though.

Starlark by Cael Percy || Coverlove
Starlark by Cael Percy

Hira: Is it just me or is red dominating this week's covers? I am not complaining though. While I liked the font as well as the cover, I don't really connect with it. Like it's a time travel romance right? But why does it look like a historical romance instead? Maybe once you read the story the cover will be justified but at a glance, there seems to be a disconnect between the cover and the genre.

So that's it for this week. My favorite cover were Sheva and Feverborn. What how about you?

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