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Cover Love #8

Hi, it's Zoella. I had taken leave last week from Cover Love, but now I'm back.

 I love fantasy cover and believe that they have some of the best covers out there, in terms of colour palette, audience engagement and that elusive wow factor. But, I know that a lot of books out there, which are not fantasy  also have eye catching covers and I have tried to include it as much as possible. But, you know me, fantasy covers dominate most of the time. 


Anyway, I hope you enjoy this collection. And I would love it if you told me which one was your favourite and whether you want to nominate your favourite cover here?

A Pocket full of Stars by Patricia Mayweather ||Cover Love
A Pocket full of Stars by Patricia Mayweather

Zoella: I usually don't like the effect on the title because it hurts my eyes, but, somehow I love it here. The colour palette is eye catching but is not so in your face, it's more subtle. I love how they put the bylines in between the title. Clever.
 Oh no, I feel a headache coming. I stared at this cover too long. Onto the next cover.

Hira: There is something alluring about this cover. It seems plain at first sight but I don't know I feel like it is the kind of cover you come back and check out while walking through a bookshop. And I love the quote at the bottom.

Zoella: This is a cover that does it's job well. The long, luxurious hair, the tower in the background, the tagline, everything screams Rapunzel. This cover is pretty, but the attention to details and the story it tells elevates it to a whole different level. I love the font and the snowy background. The tagline here serves two purpose, one is telling the that it's about Rapunzel and the second part is intriguing the reader enough to pick it up. Hair of Gold, hmm, interesting.  

Hira: Okay I love the tagline. And of all the fairy tale adoptions, Rapunzel is the least common one from what I have seen. So if this is kinda different. I do like the wintery white feel of the cover but it's not very striking, as in I feel I have seen similar covers  before. I definitely judge books by cover and if I have come across this I wouldn't have spent much time on it just because I have seen lot of covers with a mysterious girl in front of it.

False Memory by Dan Krokos || Cover Love
False Memory by Dan Krokos

Zoella: When I saw this cover in thumbnail size, I thought two things. One: I love this colour and two: What the hell is it? And I didn't mean it in a this-cover-is-so-confusing-it-sucks kinda way. This one intrigued me and when I enlarged it, I was floored. The couple running shows danger, the whatever it is on top gives a very futuristic feel and the silhouette of the city(which they are running away from) and the fact that the size of the couple is quite small leads me to conclude it's a high stakes, dystopian kind of book. This cover works for me, except the font of the title. I absolutely hate it. What is your opinion?

Hira: I think I would like to cut the cover into two pieces. I love the top part- the color the weird symbol and all. But the bottom part not so much. I am not a fan of that font either. And the city background with people running is quite used.
First Rapture by Alexandra Ivy || Cover Love
First Rapture by Alexandra Ivy
Zoella: It's a tried and true palette and a tried and true theme. I find nothing to be excited over, But, that said, I believe this cover would do a stellar job of attracting romance readers

Hira: Zoe you hit the nail on the hammer about attracting romance readers. Throw away romances are my guilty pleasure and this book would certainly hold my eye. Also I love the use of red against the black and white. It's quite used but there is a certain dangerous allure to it.

Zoella: P.s: it's your favourite colour combo too.
Magonia by Maria Dahvana Headley || Cover Love
Magonia by Maria Dahvana Headley

Zoella: This cover is so AMAZING. I love the colour palette. But, the feather, it is the feather that takes my breath away. I could stare at this cover for hours. But, as much as I am excited about the top part of the cover, I can't muster the same amount of excitement for the bottom part, It looks too separate, too lonely.

But, the most eye catching part of the book must be name Neil Gaiman. Due to the contrast the name uses, it's easier to read Neil's name than the actual author's.

Hira: That feather. OMG I love that feather. But again the same pattern...the birds flying away from the feather. Isn't this the fifth cover here with that style? But I think out of all of them I like this one the best. Also Zoe is right about the writer's name being less visible. And the bottom part...I wouldn't even have noted it if Zoe hadn't talked of it. There seems to be a disconnect.

Nocturne for a Widow by Amanda DeWees || Cover Love
Nocturne for a Widow by Amanda DeWees
Zoella: This cover makes me wanna use words like magnificent, stupendous, absolutely brilliant. I don't give praise lightly and this praise is not just for this book(which is beautiful on its own) but for the entire series. This is series branding at it's best. Go check out the rest of the book in this series, I'll wait.

I will leave the critique to you. What do you think?

Hira: It's unique. I will give that. I love the middle part the outline of the woman and the scene inside. But for some reason I don't feel blown away by it though I am huge fan of the palette. And especially the green which used. 

Piecing me together by Renee Watson || Cover Love
Piecing me together by Renee Watson

Zoella: It's an explosion of colours and because the background is so colourful, the designer brilliantly gives the title a pseudo transparent look. But, even though it's colourful and pretty, we instantly know this book is not just about fun and good times from the expression on the girl's face. It has a very literary book feel. Usually literary book are more minimalist in nature with a limited colour palette, but the expression on the girl's face gives off that kind of vibe.

Hira: Not an easy read. That's the first thought this book brings to my mind. It's colorful and vibrant but for some reason the woman's face tells me it's anything but that..

A Crown of Wishes by Roshani Choksi || Cover Love
A Crown of Wishes by Roshani Choksi

Zoella: Honestly, I like the cover of the first book better( we had featured that in our first cover love). The cover is not bad and is leaps and bounds better than most of the covers out there, but the first cover did it better in terms of colour palette. I am adding it below for your reference.

Hira: I like the palette but this is not my type of cover. The font appears regal (my favorite kind- as you would know by now).

The first book had a stronger contrast of colour and the title dominates the cover. The colour palette of the second book is strong on it's own but the title does not dominate the cover. I have nothing against that kind of title, but since it's the second book in the series,it should have followed the first in terms of series branding, i.e the dominant title. But, the other elements like the gold border and the kingdom in the background follows the series and I am pretty happy about it.

The problem is, I was preparing to get overwhelmed and I just wasn't. Do you love the cover or where you underwhelmed like me.

P.S: Love the train of her Anarkali, which is something they could have used the first book too.

Hira: I kinda feel that the reddish gold part and the midnight blue part should have had equal portions of space. It feels as if the designer was conflicted and could not decide if she wanted a cover dominated by title or not. So this ended being  a compromise I feel and I am not happy. I believe it would have looked much better with more red and gold in it.

Zoella: Maybe, but the purpose here is to highlight the details. Because, red and orange is so sparsely used, it immediately attracts the eye to the castle, which would've not even been noticeable otherwise. Also the rich midnight background provides a nice contrast for the girl's sari and lantern.

Zoella: My Favorites this week were Towering and Nocturne for a Widow. What was yours Hira?

Hira: I think my favorite is Magonia. Which was your's lovely reader.

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