Saturday, 10 September 2016

Book Nerd Problems #12 | Reader Problems

Hello Peeps, how's everyone doing? Weekend going well? Partying hard or sleeping in? I know, I spent the entire day lazing around in bed....seriously needed the day off after the very busy week. 

 Anyway, Book Nerd Problem...Woohoo!
Zoe asked me to write this one today and I just realized why, she knows there is no better person to talk about this problem than me!

The number of times this has happened...OMG, I have seriously lost count. How many people had asked me why I was whimpering or why my eyes were all strangers too. Oh I have to tell this story. This was back when me, Inia, and Zoe were sharing a room...we had just met each other and were not as close as we are now. I was reading this very emotional book in which the main girl dies and I was bawling my eyes out. It was like eight something on a Sunday, and Zoe and Inia were still dead to the world.Then Hope and Jordan knocked on the door, and I open it...tear stained cheeks, red puffy eyes and all. I swear they got a real scare...thought something was really wrong. And then the other two also woke up and they were so pissed when they knew what I was actually crying about. (*Lol, they always have to put up with my broken heart after reading a super angsty book...that's how I know they love me.)

Anyway tell me if you have ever had gone through this. I bet you have...come on go to the comments section, let the words flow....let me hear all about it, I really wanna know!

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