Saturday, 17 September 2016

Book Nerd Problems #13 | Reader Problems

And it's that time of the week again. How are my fellow Book Nerds faring these days? This week's problem is very very relatable, huh? Any Game of Thrones fans around? You guys would know this issue best I guess.

Seriously, being patient is not an easy task at all. Zoe has practically gone crazy because her favorite author postponed the release date of a sequel. Has this happened to any of you...let me know, I love hearing these stuff. 

Anyway, good news, George R R Martin has promised that Winds of Winter will release before Season 7.  So things might be looking up for you GoT fans at least.

Also if you have any problems like this and would like to have it featured in here....shoot us a message. Till we meet again, Adios!

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  1. Waiting for Ilona Andrews' book will be the death of me. Looks like white hot won't be releasing any time soon. I've waiting for years for that one. Atleast Magic Binds is coming out in a few days. Kate and Curran to the rescue.


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