Sunday, 3 April 2016

#Newbookrelease- Bella Forrest Full Series order and Checklist

A Clan of Novaks, book 25 (!) in a shade of vampire, is releasing on April 5. Have you caught up with all the books yet? If you are new to the world of Forrest, then we have put a handy -dandy guide to guide you through it. Bella has three series set in the same world of A Shade of Vampire. And a duology set in a different world. even for the Shaddicts (A shade of vampire+Addicts), navigating her world can be tricky because she has a kind of sub series also set in Shade of vampire and is hard to know which is which. But fear not, Pentatwine is here to the rescue (Sounds like a super hero cliche dialogue, doesn’t it?)
One of our editors here at Pentatwine, Jordan Carat, has put together a Bella Forrest checklist, it is available on amazon for a mere 99 cents.
bella forrest checklist
Bella Forrest Series order and checklist
Ever wondered why so many people buy checklists, even when its available for free. Because it is
  • Convenient
  • Time saving
  • Easy to use 
  • Super affordable
  • Leaves more time  to read your favourite readers books than scouring the internet, searching for a properly ordered list. Even then you might have to print it out.
Jordan’s book, is the #1 most easy to use book and it is free with Kindle unlimited subscription! The entire series and sub series have been listed out in the order of publication. The first section contains the titles only, but if you can’t remember whether you have already read it or if you want to check it out. Click on the title. The link will take you to the second part of the book, where the specific title along with its blurb, book number and publishing date is provided.
You are provided a properly hyperlinked Table of Contents, that makes navigating the book easy. Detailed instructions have been provided inside the book on how to use it as a checklist and on how to automatically get the list updated. If you have any doubts, we are happy to help you.  But the best part is yet to come. It is Free (for a very limited time). So get your copy as soon as possible.
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