Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Shopaholic Series by Sophia Kinsella- Flash Review

It was three years ago that I first came across Becky Bloomwood. There she was- tucked into a small corner at a second hand bookstore. The picture of her carrying a multitude of bags poked my curiosity. And then I read the title- The confessions of a Shopaholic. Of course I have heard that title before-thanks to Disney. There was a book for the movie? That had been my initial reaction.

When I left the bookshop I had the little book in my hand along with my usual fill of Sidney Sheldon and Jeffrey Archer. Kinsella seemed different from my usual taste. And right then, I wanted something different. I remember that I began reading the book the moment I boarded the bus back home. By the time I reached home, I had already fallen in love with Becky. I laughed as I read her internal monologue. Sympathized with her…because I knew her pain- cutting back was never easy. Prayed for her and Luke to get together. No need to say, by the time the first book was done, I was desperately in need of more Becky Bloomwood and thankfully a quick Google search let me knew that there were a lot more of it out there.

From there it was a frenzy. I had to read it all…I just had to. No way can one leave Becky’s world halfway through. I finished all the books available during that one month vacation. The last book had ended with Becky having a baby. And somehow I thought that was the end.

But then a year later- I was in the same bookshop once again. And there it was…a slightly bigger book in the same corner I had found its sister, Minishopaholic. Becky was back! And this time she was with her daughter. No need to say that I left with the book clutched tightly in my hands.
And soon I was laughing along with Becky and Minni, planning the surprise birthday party for Luke. I was back in their world. A world away from all mundane things…a world which always brought a smile to my face.

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