Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Cover Love #2

I am not kidding, when I say this is my favourite feature in the blog. This features inspire me to make my own awesome covers, and I made one last day inspired by Cover Love#1. I will post the link when it is uploaded to the site.

So, without wasting time, let's see which is today's Top 8. You can check it out on our pinterest too.

And the first cover of the day.
Cover Love:The Girl in The Ice-Robert Bryndza

Kudos to the designer for taking a cliche cover and completely revamping. I mean can I just say OMG. It's simple and yet layered. The blue ice and dirt, the slightly transparent font and an eye-catching cover scheme. This is a book I want to own.

Cover Love: Concealed-Amber Lynn Natusch

This is a novella in the caged series, and it has the best cover among all of them. Eye is the common theme, but the other covers are plain compared to this. Electric blue staring at you through a keyhole, it's quite eye-catching isn't it( excuse the pun). And it goes perfectly well with the title. I love it when that happens.

Cover Love: Defiance - C.J REdwine

This books has been in my radar for a long time. I will read it one (promise). It seems to have all the things I like ofr in a book; a kickass heroine who wears practical clothings (the cape is awesome if not practical), some connection with forrest and a political struggle. My ideal book would be a kickass Urban fantasy mystery, something like Ilona Andrews' Kate Daniel and Hidden Legacy series.
I love the colour of her clothes, a happy marriage between black and violet. The cape is a nice touch. I also love how we are able to see the kingdom through the cape. It looks as if she is protecting it. I hadn't noticed that before!
I didn't like the second book in this series very much (the cover, not the book), because it was more navy bluish in colour.

Cover Love: Crooked Kingdom-Leigh Bardugo

Crooked kingdom is the second in the Six of Crows series by Leigh Bardugo. If you read fantasy , you have to read Six of Crows. It's AMAZING, I kid you not. I am going around recommending this to everyone who would listen. It's that good. This is an epic fantasy told from six point of views. I loved how subtly the author portrayed the emotions of the character, their conflicting motivations and hidden passion. It's brilliantly written and is quite fast paced. What makes this a must read is the fact that the author made me believe that the characters were real, she made me root for unlikable heroes and unlikely alliances.

I liked the cover of Six of Crows too, but this one is better. At first I had thought, oh it's just another cover with a crow(they are quite popular bird among book designers), but then I saw the three palaces in yellow ( I hadn't even realized there were three), and an entire city in black (at the very bottom). But as much as I admire the illustration, I can't muster the same enthusiasm for the title and author font.The author name is almost unreadable. The title font is okay-okay, not my type. But the book is amazing.
You have to read this book*stares*

Cover Love: The Lost Heiress-Roseanna.M.White

You know I am fan of details, of eye-catching colour schemes, but once in a while that part of takes a nap. This cover is a golden beauty, it's simple, it conveys the genre and the font is not overpowering. 
Roseanna is a fellow cover designer, I don't if she designed this cover but it is beautiful. But that said, I am not a big fan of how the flourishes are cut off in the top and bottom corners.

This book, makes me wanna, hug this book to chest, curl up in a corner and take a nap (and blissfully ignore the world)
It's hard to stand out in the sports romance genre, because all the covers feature, shirtless hunks who may or may not showcase their gears(hihi). So, it's really up to the title to make it stand out.
And this one nails it. Hop pink title on a black and white picture, what stands out more than that. Even the way the words are arranged shows the care that has gone into making this cover. It's not another, we have a hot shirtless guy to drool over, who cares about the typography. Well, I am glad this wasn't one such designer.
Cover Love: A Thousand pieces of you-Claudia gray
So you really need any explanation for why this cover is on today's top 8. The water colour look, the colour scheme (a monotonous real world and colourful other world) and beautiful typography, nuff said.

This last one like the Lost Heiress belongs to the simple but beautiful category.

Cover Love: A Beautiful kind of Broken-Katie Ganshert

The beauty of this cover lies in it's simplicity. It conveys what it need to and that's it. It is one of those covers that makes you nostalgic because you remember similar books that you've loved in the past.

That's it for todays Top 8. Which was your favourite? Tell me which one cover that you want to see featured here before you die.

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