Thursday, 23 June 2016

Cover Love #3

Yes, another week of cover love. As usual, I will be selecting top 8 covers that caught my fancy. I haven't limited myself to just one genre. These are the best covers from Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Romance, Dystopian, Illustrated, Contemporary and Historical.

And to make things more interesting Hira is also joining us to spread more cover love. (Seems only fair since she is as book crazy as I am) So without further ado, let's jump right in.

Hira: I came across this book very randomly. The title of course was catchy but what really attracted me was the awesome font which covers the better part of the page. The overall feel of the cover was so good that I couldn't wait to get my hands on it. The greyish-white designs on the side and the red truck on the side all blended to give it a certainly unique looks. Kudos to the designer for bringing life to an original scene from the book. 

Zoella: Don't know which is better, the cover or the awards that adorn the cover. For me this is an ideal book: it has a good cover and an even better story. This is not my ideal cover, but that's because I am more into Kick-ass Fantasy.
The typography is just beautiful. Not only does it manage to artfully arrange a long title in a compact space but it also managed to highlight the keywords by changing the font size. The little white designs add so much more character to the cover. Because after reeling you in with an eye catching central image, it gives you something to savour too. 
I am going to read this book, not only because it has a good cover but also because it comes highly recommended from Hira. You know you've got to try it when Hira recs something.

Hira: Zoella loves her kickass heroines and this one is bound to get her pumped up. I am not much into fantasy but a book cover like this just might make me run through the first few pages. And that shows the power of the cover. The blue and white palette with a bit of grey in it is quite common but somehow always manages to look interesting and unique.

Zoella: You know me so well. I love covers like this because, it has a sword and a kickass heroine. The sword coming through the title is a nice touch. It adds a bit more 3-Dimensionality(is that even a word?) to the cover.
Usually fantasy covers use a bit more elaborate fonts. But this one works different from the rest. It shows that the story is more serious and the violence will be greater and stakes higher. I agree with H about the palate. And securing the series name between two flourishes is common, but tucking them away from the title at the bottom of the cover is not. But it works.

Hira: I was actually surprised to see this in Zoe's list. Mainly because she is not as into historical romance as yours truly. But I am glad to see Eloisa's cover here a) Because I love the author b)Because all her covers are awesome. Seriously you need to check out her covers...or maybe we will feature them in the coming weeks. Coming to this one specifically, the blue gown. If that is not an eye-catcher. And the whole Cinderella feel with the huge staircase in the background. Who wouldn't be tempted?

Zoella: What works for me is the fact that, it's a clean cover. You got a woman in a regency gown and an opulent staircase behind her. The tile is also doesn't have so much flourish as to make it unreadable. It's a very minimalistic design and works well in attracting new readers.

Hira: Ethereal. That's one word I have for this cover. The whole font reminds me of Katy Perry's Firework MV. The cover succeeds in creating a feel of mystique and intrigue.

Zoella: I had loved the first book cover(Impervious) and I love the second one too. It's not everyday you see a short haired heroine, and it drew me in. The colour palette: violet and orange is beautiful. And I am in love with that sea of fireflies. Quoting Hira, so unearthly. And I adore that font.

Hira: The tagline. OMG the tagline. Also the really hot backside of a muscly guy does not hurt either. Not at all...*ahem* (Come on...we all have some guilty pleasures). The violet and indigo font matching the girl's gloves...while everything else is in black and white...that was a cool idea.

Zoella: We both were gushing over that tagline. This has definitely earned a place in our TBR pile. I love covers which splashes colour on a black and white background. The concept itself is cool. But what earned this cover a place here was the fact that, it had not not only had a double coloured title, but also because the gloves were also coloured. So, it's not simply a romance, it's a romance between a fighter female and a hot hero. The cover is minimalistic and yet conveys all the keep points about the novel. The tagline just seals the deal.
FYI: Notice how bra is in a different colour. Is it because the subject is female or was unintentional. It's funny anyway.

Hira: Zoe will tell you I am addicted to the color red and it's true. But tell me who wouldn't love that red stiletto. The font is quite fancy but it works for the cover since it seems to be giving of a posh vibe in it's entirety. Certainly makes the reader turn it backwards and read the blurb.

Zoella: Another minimalistic cover, am I detecting a trend here. The title is actually steampunkish instead of screaming Sci-Fi. But, nevertheless it's beautiful. I have read this book and the plot is good. It's basically fairytale in science fiction. See how her leg is transparent. It confused me for a while, whether its a metal leg or a human one. But after reading the novel, I know the cover is just perfect and the confusion(maybe it was only me) suited the story.

Hira: The red stiletto again! And this time with a trident in the end to match the title. The cover successfully conveys what the whole style of the book is. And to be honest, it's one of those books which you will want to own just for the cover or maybe just for that clever title.

Zoella: These covers are perfect for you H. It's in your favourite combo: red and black. The cover is just clever. And i don't think you need our help to figure out why we all love this cover.

Hira: Cinderella meets Princess Diaries. My favorite thing about this one is obviously the crown above the title and the gorgeous font. I have a weakness for fonts which give of an elegant royal feel, I admit. The palate is again bluish-white which is very common but still always manages to look unique.
Zoella: I love the dress and the hairstyle. But I am not a big fan of the font. But one thing I did notice in the whole series of covers is that( this the last installment of the trilogy), the size of the title kept becoming bigger. Maybe as the heroine becomes more and more important, the title becomes more and more enlarged. It was a nice touch. The tagline is also intriguing.

Yayy, another week of cover love wrapped up. My favorite among these were Crushed and Brawler. Which was yours Hira?

Hira: Wow, now I know why you get so excited about this feature. Some of these covers are pure awesome. My favorites have to be Brawler (And no, it's not because of the the half-naked guy in the poster) and Cinder. Which are yours?

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