Saturday, 18 June 2016

Book Nerd Problems #1

Hello Folks! We are starting a new feature just for YOU (if you've never read a book, then this is not the place for you *points at the door*).

So last day me and Hira were chatting (obviously) and we talked about little things that irks book nerds like us. Things that non-reader will never get.

"You have so many books, Why do you need more?"  How can anyone ask any self-respecting book-lover  such a question? Note this down people- I'm greedy when it comes to books. It's always that way- the more, the better. It's the same for Hira...who am I kidding, she is worse.

Anyway back to the matter at hand. Our chat on books. This feature you see now is an evolution of those chats.We were having so much fun texting back and forth, we thought you shouldn't be kept out of it (yes, we are generous souls, I know).

 So, ladies and gentlemen, please welcome our new feature Book Nerd Problems. If you have ever experienced these problems, then know that you are never alone.

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What Irked you when you read a book. Share below and who knows, it may even be featured here.


  1. My mom actually read the last book in a series thinking it was a standalone and then had to start from the beginning to get the whole story

    1. Arrrghh...the number of times this has happened to me lol. Your mom is not and Zoe have both been victims of this too many times.
      Thanks for sharing this with us...<3


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