Thursday, 7 July 2016

Cover Love #5

Another week has gone by..time truly flies doesn't it? But who is complaining when we have eight beautiful covers waiting to be displayed every week. So usual without much ado...lets begin!

Let's see this week's beauties, shall we?

House of Ravens by Karpov Kinraid ||Cover Love

Hira: I haven't seen many covers with this kind of palate. The contrast is very striking. Also note the amount of detail put into it, the hair of the girl becoming birds at the ends, the flower like design along the copper colored parts of thee body. It's all very intricate. I also liked how they kept the font quite simple, only giving a bit of details to the 'O's. 
Zoella: This is a pretty cover. But, I like the cover of Court of Nightfall by the same author more than this. That said, I like how they have adopted a minimalistic style in everything from the colour palette to the font and still managed to add tiny tiny details to make it stand out. I love golden silhouettes of the birds arising from her hair.

Never Letting Go by Christina Channele||Cover Love

Hira: Like most people what struck me about this cover was the blue hair tinted red in the end (or is it the blue camouflaging the original red hair? seems more likely). The blue and white palate as we have said in the earlier weeks is very very striking. Also the font spread out all over the top, very carefully containing the big title, making it blend in.

Zoella: I have mixed feelings about this cover. I like the colour palette and I love the typography. The font used is beautiful. But, I can't make sense of what the blue part is; clouds, smoke? That annoys me.
But overall I like this cover. It's beautiful.

Idol by Kristen Callahan||Cover Love

Hira: From the very cover it's evident that this one is about music and probably the hero is a rockstar. But unlike other covers of same trope this one gives a different vibe. The name itself seems to carry a weight...a not so positive connotation. And the rainbow of colors covering the palate, recreating a concert scene looks really good. The font is again simple and blends in with the whole cover.

Zoella: Did you just read my mind Hira? I have seen a lot of books in the whole badass rockstar genre, but this one is in a class of its own. The rainbow coloured smoke gives us a feeling of attending the concert and they way he poses, as if he has just finished the best performance of his life and is now listening to the ear-splitting shrieks of his fan gives out total badass rockstar vibes. I also love the title, it has managed to show exactly what the book is about. I love it when that happens.

Beautiful Redemption by Jamie McGuire||Cover Love

 Hira: At first glance, I didn't really like this cover. But then I noted how the feathers spread out into little birds at the ends...much like in cover of House of Ravens. Surprisingly the brown-blue combination looks good though its not a favorite of mine. I didn't like the unnecessary adding of the yellow color to the font.
Zoella: I like the silhouette of the birds emerging from the wings (kinda ironic). This seems to be popular design option now. But what bugs me is that, even though it's a beautiful cover, it screams the wrong genre. Because this book gives off serious fantasy vibes. If I hadn't read the other book in the series, then I wouldn't have known that it was contemporary romance. 
Beautiful cover, wrong book.

The Curse of the tenth grave by Darynda Jones||Cover Love

Hira: If you want to be striking, I think yellow is the way to go. It pops into your eyes, just like this cover does. Notice the ghost figures at the bottom of the cover. And the gives of a vibe of a comedy. I love the font though I don't like the violet color in the title.

Zoella: I am not a fan of this cover. But I like the title(intriguing) and the cute charms hanging of the wine glass stems.

Weighless by Kandi Steiner||Cover Love

Hira: It's a unique cover which does not give much away. And is intriguing for that very reason.
Water is seen in the bottom along with long hair and a hand. Is it a girl who is floating in water?

Zoella: If you ask me whether I like this cover, I would say hell yes. If you ask me, why? I won't have an answer. So, I am adding this one to the I like it even though I don't know why section. And let me tell you, there are very few covers there. Why do I like this cover?

Hmm, must be the hair.

Blue Lily, Lily Blue by Maggie Stiefvater|| Cover Love

Hira: I love everything about this cover. The white, green and blue combo. The mix of nature and woman on the sides. The font, the's perfect. It's not a usually seen style or design but the overall effect is quite alluring.

Zoella: I adore Maggie Stiefvater, both her writing and her covers.Featuring Maggie's cover is always a moment for me to fangirl. If you like fantasy and haven't yet read any Stiefvater, then why are you even alive. Try her Raven boys(series) or Scorpio races(standalone).

Okay enough fangirling, onto the cover. First of all, I like the girl's hair. It looks very unstyled and extremely real, even though the girl is green. I like how they have incorporated all that flora in it. Also see the translucent birds flying above the title and the triangular slashes(which kinda is the series symbol). Beautiful details. Don't have to say twice that I love this cover, even though I like Raven King's better. It was features in our previous cover love, which had a blue theme.

Hira: I love the fiery red hair which looks like flames when you look from the bottom. See how the castle looks like it's burning down. Very clever. Also love the font. As I have said before, I always love a very regal looking font.

Zoella:I also love the font Hira, it's bold and fierce. And the golden design where author's name is written is quite beautiful and goes with the overall colour palette. The fire and her hair is interwoven seamslessly, so much so that you don't know where one starts and the other ends. And there is a beautiful castle as bonus.

Zoella: My favorites were Idol and Weightless. Which was yours? 
Hira: Zoe, I loved Idol too...but my other favorite is The Irish Princess.

So that's the end of this week's cover love...which was your favourite. Tell us. Don't keep it a secret now. We are all ready to hear it... if you know pretty and unique covers, let us know in the comments. You know it's a crime to hide pretty covers.

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