Thursday, 7 July 2016

Escapade by Dolce || #reviewfriday

You know how we all have these few books that we turn to when we are in desperate need for some comfort, something for when life gets tough and you need to get going?  Yeah, Escapade is one of those books in my Emergency-Save-Me-From-Jumping-Off-A-Cliff-SOS list.

Flunked an important exam? Read Escapade. Just went through a bad breakup? Escapade is the answer. Your boss is being a megalomaniacal douchebag? Grab your copy of Escapade and remember you won’t look good in prison clothes. Every time I read it, I go into a deeply relaxed state of mind; it’s like going to a spa and getting the most expensive treatment there. Except, this is a cheaper alternative.

Title: Escapade
Author: Dolce
Genre: Romance, Adventure
Warnings: Prostitution, mild implications of violence.

There is nothing complicated in this book. No murders, no unnecessary angst, no whiplash-inducing plot twists and no heartbreaks. This is pure, unadulterated fluff and well-written sexy times. But, it is not one of those chick-lits with no plot and zero character development either. Escapade has an extremely well-developed storyline and amazing characterization, beautifully interwoven with the desirable elements of a romance novel and the end result is a masterpiece.

  Reading the summary on Amazon, Escapade sounds like a cliché Pretty Woman adaptation but believe me, it’s not. The ‘businessman-falls-for-escort’ trope is something I cannot stand, but this book was a unique experience and had a bare minimum of parallels to the usual novels of the kind (No piano scene! Thank god).

 Lucas is an archetypal corporate businessman at the peak of his career. You know the drill; married to his work, can’t remember the last time he had any action other than with his hand and answerable to a mom who is still wondering why her gorgeous and successful 29-yr old son hasn’t brought anyone home to meet her yet. He’s filthy rich, of course, and undeniably handsome but destined to live the single life because he has no time to mingle. He had adapted pretty well to a lonely lifestyle,  with only his adorable dog (Georgie; he’s a very important character) for company, when one fine day, the universe decides to add insult to his injury.

 Lucas’ best friend and ex-lover Zamir has spontaneously planned to have a destination wedding in the Bahamas and he has invited not only Lucas and his entire ginormous family but also....his plus one.

 Talk about pressure. Well, coincidence meets fate and Lucas has an unexpected encounter with a gentleman (of the night) the very same day he got the call from Zamir. Jack McQueen is charming, self-assured and stunning. And he is very willing to play the part of Lucas’ pretend boyfriend and save him from the endless nosy questions and sympathetic glances he has to endure every time he attends an event alone.  Lucas has a deal; he won’t require Jack to do any sexual things, he just needs to accompany him to a fun-filled vacation in a summer paradise. What escort in their right mind would deny such a sweet deal?! Not Jack. Once they are in the Bahamas though, the vacation is nothing like either of them expected. But it sure does turn out to be the best summer of their lives.

  If I had to use one word to describe Escapade, it would be sunny.

In all connotations of the word. Everything about this novel is bright and dazzling, and warm and bubbly. The characters and their relationships with each other, the atmosphere, the setting, the tone; everything is so balmy and beachy.  It truly lives up to its name by being an escapade to a place where the sun is bright and the wind blows gently through your hair and your only worry is if you might tan too much and end up looking like a fried sausage.

That is probably why I find it so relaxing, why it is my comfort read.  Escapade is so scintillating it penetrates through the clouds of stress and the air of melancholy that might be surrounding one and succeeds in infusing some sunshine into their dark aura. I would definitely recommend everyone to go read this NOW.   

Rating: 4.5/5


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