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Cover Love #6

Hey, how was your day. I had a blast designing some bookmarks. 

It was easy and yet hard to select the covers to shower our love on today because we had so many awesome options to choose from. We ended up making advance drafts for the coming weeks too, because we couldn't let go of the other covers. This is going to be the hardest that I ever had to choose my fav covers from the eight featured below.

Do you like today's banners? It's rainbow themed in support of LGBTQ.

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Let's move directly onto the main course, shall we?

The Assassin's blade by Sarah J. Maas | Cover Love
The Assassin's Blade

Zoella: It was really hard to choose between this one and the cover of Throne of Glass. Both are so kickass. This one won because of the rich purple cover, which is a personal favorite of mine. Maybe I will the feature the other next week. What do you think? Should we feature it here?

I love the font in which Throne of Glass is written at the bottom. It's so pretty. And the illustration itself is like the epitome of kickass female heroins. With that hood covering her face and curved blades by her side, who won't say that she is an assassin?

Hira: To be honest, this is not my type at all. Zoella loves her kickass I am sure this would have been a cover which I would have suggested to her if I saw it in a bookstore. But to my eyes, all these type of covers mostly blend into one...especially if the palate is a blue-white combo. So I am not a fan of this cover though I liked the Throne of Glass font like Zoe.

Illusions of Fate by Kiersten White | Cover Love
Illusions of Fate 

Zoella: Kersten White's fans are the luckiest in the world, because along with beautiful stories, they get beautiful covers too. Check out her other books, all of them have amazing covers. This one for example, from the Mona Lisa smile on her lips to the birds taking flight to the glowing font, it's simply beautiful. I want to buy all her books just for the cover. What do you think H?

Hira: The birds flying out of inanimate things seems to be a common cover idea these days. Its the fourth cover of the type we are posting I think. But even though its not unique it is still very intriguing. I love your description of the girl Zoe...very apt.

Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick | Cover Love
Hush, Hush

Zoella: the cover had caught my attention, long before the author's success had and this is the book that helped her fly to the very peal of the bestseller charts.In most angel covers. we usually only see abs and a bit off the wings and that's why this is so different. The angel is midflight and the way he falls along losing his blood stained feathers add a real depth to the cover. I love this cover, because it tells a story, an intriguing one at that.

Hira: The fallen's a concept which has always caught my interest. But for some reason I have never read any books of that theme. Maybe this is the place to start. I love a black palate. And this one is really really intriguing. The way the angel is Zoella noted certainly gives the cover a lot of depth. Also I love the font, the silvery white with that magical touch in style is very attractive.
Mechanica by Betsy Cornwell | Cover Love

Zoella: I hadn't noticed the gear at first. My first thought was it was so pretty, but so typical. Then I saw the gears and the kingdom beneath her and the special font and I knew I had to include it here. Because even without all the details, the cover was a pretty one. But, what the details does is that it screams at the top off its lungs that this is a steampunk novel. Which makes it so much easier for the fans off the genre to find the book.

Hira: Yes, this cover did seem quite typical at first glance. But when you look properly we see the details and those are what creates the intrigue in the readers. The font is quite stylish and sparkly and surprisingly I like it.
The Story Book of Legends by Shannon Hale | Cover Love
The Storybook of Legends

Zoella: I have read Shannon Hale's Princess Academy and she is a very good writer. I wasn't very impressed with some of our covers, but this one caught my eyes. It looks like a magic book that can whisk you to any place you want, real or imaginary, within seconds. I've always wanted one of those. The centre piece of the cover is stunning with its rich details. We are looking at the two girl's through the keyhole while there are two keys side by side,  just above the girls portraits. And the girl's itself look good, especially the violet head, almost like dolls. Of course later I found out that she wrote the character description and all based on Mattel's (Barbie's company) line of dolls (they had contracted her to write the book.) She is an amazing writer and I have no doubt, this book will be amazing too (If anybody wants to buy me this book, you are welcome too).

Hira: Not at all my type. It gives a vibe of being too girly or childish...and as a tomboy this is so not the book for me. Also the violet-gold combo-no. Definitely no. The only part I liked even a bit is the keyhole and the view from that.

Spindle Fire by Lexa Hillyer | Cover Love
Spindle Fire

Zoella: I saw this when I was searching for another book and was immediately captured by the understated and subtle elegance of the cover, which is mostly because of the colour palette it uses. I like all the elements except the font used for the title. I feel it's too plain to match the rest of the cover. What do you think?

Hira: I love the palette...but somehow the overall cover does not give me a want-to-buy-this-now vibe. The slight goldish touch was a nice attention to detail and quite beautiful...especially the crown and the smoke around the author's name.

Zoella: Good choice Hira. This is bit of a departure from the usual covers we see in this genre. Usually the explosion of colours is limited to just the font or the background, but here it has taken centre stage and the end result is very cool.

Hira: Isn't this gorgeous? This is the cover for the complete series but each book has a separate cover...and all of them are so pretty. Do check them out...I am gonna try and post at least one more cover of the series next week. 
Now to talk about this one. The font...blending in so well, the same color as the background. The controlled explosion of colors on a largely blue palette. What is not to love about this cover?

Zoella: Why do I get a feeling that you are going to choose this as one of your favorites this week *grins*.

Zoella: There isn't much going on with the cover, but the colour palette used in rich in warm golden hues, which gives her an untouchable and yet a girl next door look. I know, they contradict each other, but that is what this cover evokes in me. Hira is more of an expert, when it comes to covers like these. So, what do you think H?

Hira: I will be honest. I haven't read the book...I was just randomly browsing for good covers and this caught my eye. And Zoe, you won't believe how right you are! The girls's character seems to be exactly like you have described...or so I gather from the synopsis. I can't pinpoint why I chose this cover...I loved the regal look it gave off-very sophisticated, yet the flash of skin shows that this is not exactly a book for nuns. Also the font-I love these kinds of font.
This books is for only 18+ audience and has BDSM undertones...just a warning.

Hira: So my favorite cover of the week was Chicago wars and Hush Hush. What about you Zoe?

Zoella: Oh man, it's so hard to choose between the first four covers. I think I will go with Mechanica and Illusions of fate or maybe Hush Hush. Gah, I can't decide between them. What about you?

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