Saturday, 27 August 2016

Book Nerd Problems#10

I hate it when this happens.

I love symmetry and pretty arrangements. So, when the covers of the series do not match I get really irritated. And I end up buying the newer version with the matching covers. This happened with Shatter Me series by Tahereh Mafi. Have you seen the covers? They are like my all time favourites. But, the first book initially had a girl in a gown with a shattering glass effect. It had nothing to do with the story. But, when the new covers came out, I didn't think twice and bought it. Sigh,

Has this happened to you, or am I the only one who likes their covers to match.


  1. That so happens to me! I bought the harry potter series. and then the new covers came out, and they were soo pretty! Now i want those :(

    1. This is so me...I have the 1st version covers of HP too, and now every time I see the images of the new covers I am so sad...I want to buy a copy of every different cover (if only I wasn't so broke).


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