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Queen of Shadows (#4 Throne of Glass series) by Sarah J. Maas || Review Friday

Zoe here, and let me warmly welcome today's guest reviewer, the wonderful Isha. We had met on Pentatwine's Instagram through a mutual friend and we hit it off with a  common love for books. She is a huge Throne of Glass fangirl and is eagerly waiting for the fifth book in the series. So, she decided to write this review for all the Sarah J. Maas fans out there who are eagerly waiting for Empire of Storms. After reading this review, I'm convinced the next book is gonna be epic.

So, without further ado, I'm handing it over to her..

Title: Queen of Shadows
Series: Throne of Glass
Author: Sarah J. Maas
Genre: Epic Fantasy

Queen of Shadows is the fourth book in Sarah J. Maas’s awe-inspiring Throne of Glass series. Celaena Sardothien is back. And this time, not as Celaena, but as Aelin Ashryver Galathynius ( I finally learned how to pronounce it). Yes,she has finally embraced her identity as Aelin, the queen of Terassen.

In the previous book, Celaena received training from prince Rowan and finally mastered her powers. And that makes her even more powerful and badass. Word has spread that Aelin, more commonly referred to as the Fire-breathing Bitch Queen, is back.

The encounter between Chaol and Celaena was awesome – don’t accuse me of spoilers, everyone knew that was happening- and Chaol was quite irritating throughout the book. He didn’t trust Celaena at all, and accused her of doing ‘stuff’ – not gonna tell you- that we obviously know Celaena is NOT going to do. And in the end, he basically got into his head to do the very same thing he was preventing Celaena from doing. (Ugh, men , I tell you!). 

And then we are introduced to some very  interesting characters from Celaena’s life before being captured. And some characters from the time before she became an assassin.

[Spoiler start] 
Close your eyes if you don't want to know. But it is only two words. 

Arrobyn Hamel.

[Spoiler closed]

Manon Blackbeak  was an awesome character. There were times when I loved her even more than Celaena. In the previous book, nobody wanted to read the witch chapters, but I promise you, in this book, you would not be able to wait to get to them.
And Aedion. *internal fangirling*
Somebody has to rescue Aedion, guess who?
And poor Dorian. He needs rescuing from his ‘evil Dorian’ state. To all the celorian shippers out there ( that includes me too) ,you are going to get a shock in the end.
And one more thing, figure it out if you can, there is a very surprising development concerning Rifthold.

The book was amazing and I have never seen so much progress in a single book. The second half of the book was shocking. The book went from ‘barely any progress at all’ to ‘each and every mission accomplished!’
Celaena’s character has developed so much. You can actually see the queen in her. And before the fangirl in me starts to come back and I give you guys some major spoilers, I should wrap the review up.
It is by far, my favourite book in the series. And guys, Empire of Storms is coming out on 6th September, it is SO close, I can’t wait for it!

So read it, and share your thoughts. I know you are going to love it.

Rating: 4.5/5

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  1. Yes, manon was so badass.

  2. I love rowaelin in this book. I think that ship is going to become canon yay!

  3. Waowwww. I really want to read it is looking interesting. WAOW!


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