Saturday, 1 October 2016

Book Nerd Problem #14

Ok this one time a friend of mine borrowed a book from me. I had recommended it to her and had encouraged her to borrow my copy. That was a time I was persuading everyone I was meeting to read the book. So, fast forward and I give her my brand new hot off the press edition. 

"Take care of my baby." I joked. A week later I visited her home. And to my horror, my book was lying on the table, front page folded back and held under a coffee mug. A round brown stain was emblemed where the coffee mug was placed.

Well, that was the last time I let her borrow my book. I am not scared of ghosts or vampires but what I'm scared of is people mistreating my books. That is one thing I won't stand for.

Do you have any such scary stories to share? Has anyone taken your precious books and accidentally teared or creased it? Share your story below.

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