Thursday, 6 October 2016

Cover Love #17

And it's time for another Cover Love. This is Hira again! I hope you are not getting tired of me...I just love this feature a lot. Also today Inia is gonna be joining me here (bet you missed her sarcasm, huh?) and we are gonna do what we do best-- judge the book by its cover.

Cover Love #17/ Cover Lust

Let's start, shall we?

The Bees by Laline Paull | Cover Love
The Bees by Laline Paull

Hira: Objectively this is a nice enough cover. I can't find much fault with it. The black, yellow and white looks good together. But I don't like it. It doesn't have anything which draws me in. It's too dull, I guess.

 Inia: I love the simple elegance of this cover. Look at the pretty teal floral design meshing beautifully with the black background! Look at that yellow ocher scattered honeycomb! So pretty. And combined with that font, the book has such a pleasant vintage feel to it. I'm in love.

WildWood by Colin Meloy and Carson Ellis | cover love
WildWood by Colin Meloy and Carson Ellis

Hira: Again, this one also looks a bit too dull for me. Maybe the right word is abstract. I can't even make a wild guess about the book's genre and that throws me off, I see the Harry Potter like guy at the top, some animals, a lot of trees. What is going on? This is definitely not something I would spare a second glance to at a bookshop.

Inia: This book doesn't attract me enough to want to read it but I would probably buy it for the aesthetics. It's a complex cover with a lot of elements and the colour palette is such soothing mix of blue, white and soft brown shades. Again this book too has a vintage feel to it and reminds me of my childhood bedtime storybooks. 

The Black Key by Amy Ewing | cover love
The Black Key by Amy Ewing

Hira: You guys know by now that I am not the biggest fan of fantasy. But I freaking love this cover. She looks like an ice princess- cold hearted and mean, a total badass. I love the font, the details in the background...everything. Quite a good cover.

Inia: Meh. Pretty enough, I guess but I have seen a million covers which look similar to this. I need something more that a pretty girl in a frilly gown to attract me to a cover. The colours are quite nice  albeit a bit dull.

Burned Deep by Calista Fox | cover love
Burned Deep by Calista Fox

Hira: The combination of red and black- my kryptonite. No need to elaborate, right. Also, it seems I have a thing for flowers these days. I was browsing covers for this section and I swear every cover I was drawn to had a flower or a heart on it. What does that even mean? 
Anyway, that flower is captivating. Its too gorgeous. I might just read this one for the cover.

Inia: That's one fiery looking flower! It looks amazing against the plain background. I just wish that font had been a swirly, curly one and not this boring comic sans imposter. The fiery flower deserves better. I think if the font had been different, this would have been a really catchy cover.

A Sprig of Blossomed Thorn by Patrice Greenwood |cover love
A Sprig of Blossomed Thorn by Patrice Greenwood

Hira: This has the look of a proper British novel which you actually read out with a proper British accent (Jordan's words, not mine.) You gotta admit that it looks all prim and proper. It's a cozy cover. Something which you will read while sipping your evening tea on the verandah of your Indian-themed mansion.

 Inia: This cover is so...Victorian. Look at the handle of the dainty little teacup that only a pinkie finger would fit through and those tiny little spoons that would probably break in any hands other than a prim and proper Victorian lady's. That perfect little rose completes the setting. The book looks so inviting and I just want to curl up on my bed on a rainy day and read this.

Closed Casket by Agatha Christie | cover love
Closed Casket by Agatha Christie

Hira: Red and black again. God why am I such a sucker for this combo? It's too clique . This is a very simple yet eye catching cover. Look at the detail on the key. I bet it is important. And it's Agatha Christie, so it's obviously a mystery. Also I have always loved the author's font for Christie's novels. So double points.

Inia: Ahh yes the generic Agatha Christie mystery novel  cover. It's intriguing, it gives absolutely nothing away and mystery fans like me are a sucker for these types of cover.

The Coldest Girl in Coldtown by Holly Black | cover love
The Coldest Girl in Coldtown by Holly Black

Hira: I love the name of the book. But I wish it was a more real looking hand. I am not a fan of illustrations. The font of the title is quite cool. But somehow it seems to be young adult...maybe?

Inia: Is it just me or does anybody else see those creepy faces in the background? Please tell me you do. I'm not a fan of this cover either way. 

Ignite Me by Tahereh Mafi | cover love
Ignite Me by Tahereh Mafi

Hira: Pretty! Inia...look at this. We were fawning over pretty pictures of eyes just last night and look what appeared here. Did Zoe read our minds when she picked the covers or what? This cover is just too pretty. The blue iris, and all those colours around it, the lashes shaped to look like flowers...very very interesting and I would say unique. And the title..I love the title. So good. Definitely gonna check this one out.

Inia: Damn! This is gorgeous! I actually gasped when I saw this cover; it is that striking. I agree with everything Hira said about this cover. Definitely gonna check it out.

Hira: My favorite of the week was Ignite Me. Inia what about you?
Inia: Mine is a tie between The Bees and Ignite Me.

That's it for this week's Cover Love, folks! Which was your fav covers? Comment below.

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