Thursday, 27 October 2016

Cover Love #20

How is your day going? Can't believe it's week 20 already. Without further ado let me unveil the top 8 covers this week and remember if you want to see a cover featured here, you just have to comment the book title down below.

The first is an animated cover. It lookes so cool.

 Inia: This is obviously an e-book cover. Now this is the kind of innovative covers that e-book cover designers can take inspiration from. The mechanical moving heart is such an impressive touch to the already noteworthy cover design. I love the light purple, black and white colour theme. The title font is cliche yet a good kind of cliche. All in all, this is a pretty well-done cover.

Inia: This cover looks kind of bare somehow. I'm all for minimalism but this is bordering on too plain. Other than that, the pop-out effect brought about by the cover art is quite cool and the colour palate with just primary colours is soothing.

Inia: Wow. Such a creepily beautiful cover. I'm drawn in by this cover yet it is giving me the chills. Amazing cover art, gorgeous effects and a haunting aura; I would definitely give this book a try just by judging it by its cover.

 Inia: This screams fantasy novel to me a very unappealing way. I don't really like colour scheme or the artificial look the cover art is exuding.

Inia: Damn, this is a seriously cool cover. So unique as well. I don't think I've ever seen such a cover design before. The butterfly with the pretty, fragile looking top wings and blades for its bottom wings...the symbolisms and the metaphors that are springing to my mind right now are countless. I love the fiercely sharp title font that is perfectly matched with the title meaning.

Inia: I love glittery, shiny things and as subtle as the shimmer in this cover art is, I'm still attracted to it like a magpie to a shiny silver spoon. The gold liquid seeping through the midnight blue walls in the cover art and the captivating title all have me hooked.

Inia: Is this a book on black magic? *shudder* No thanks, anyway. I can't even look at this book cover for long, it's disturbingly horrifying. How did this make it into our cover love session, Zoe?

Inia: Ahh what's with all the creepy covers in this session? This is at least a well-done one. I can imagine people wanting to buy this cover seeing the cover art(though I'm definitely not one of those people). The colour scheme is really nice, I have to say. Working with a dark theme, this book still manages not take on a completely dreary colour palatte.

So, which was your favourite cover?

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