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The Selection Series by Kiera Cass | Flash Review

The Selection series by Kiera Cass consists of a trilogy centered around the protagonist America Singer and then a duology following it which focuses on her daughter. Today, I will be focussing on just America's story.

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The Selection trilogy by Kiera Cass

Something I really loved about this series was how well the love triangle was written and how well the angst was portrayed. I could completely empathise with America, Maxon and Aspen. The first book was where Cass's talent really shone and it's my favourite among the three. The second book was good, the plot progressed and so did character development. But, book three was a huge letdown.

The theme of death was not handled well. Everything was too rushed. The plot just fell apart. The ending and the explanation was so boring, it made me feel betrayed. I felt that all the build up was for nothing. I almost threw the book away in frustration.

If you are looking for a good romance with a strong love triangle, then I recommend this series. But, if you want a lot of action, twists and turns, then this is not the book series for you.

I rate the first two books four stars together and the third book two stars. I gave it two stars because all the characters were well written.

So, average rating for the series is: 3/5

Which as the last book you finished?
For me it was The Confession by John Grisham. Currently, I'm reading The One by Sarah Crossan.

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