Friday, 21 October 2016

#Junkie - Gear Shark Series #Review Friday

Hello Folks, this is me Hira and I have with me a new book with me for this week's #reviewfriday!

 I know that many of you guys have been waiting excitedly for a new gay romance after Inia's review of Escapede and I might just have something you would like.

Title: #Junkie
Author: Cambria Hebert
Genre: MM romance

Gearshark series is a spin off from Cambria's  Hastag series and Junkie is the first book from it. I am sure a lot you guys must be familiar with Hashtag series. But  don't worry if you are not, the story can be read as separate...I myself read Hashtag series only after I finished this one.

Before I talk about the book, as usual let me explain how I came across it. One word-Zoe. I was lounging at her place, talking random stuff and then suddenly she pulls out this cover. At first I couldn't believe it was a book cover (she was showing me the kindle version). The cover looked so good and I felt that it was so innovative. Notice how the title GS kinda resembles GQ? I think this one deserves a place in cover love, right guys?

Anyway back to my story, I was fascinated by the cover. But not fascinated enough to actually read it- I was swamped with work and had a huge list of books to finish off. But then she bursts it to me that it was an MM romance. I was further intrigued but still vary because I didn't often like the way gay romances were portrayed in mainstream books. But my decision changed the moment she revealed that it was a college frat boy romance. It had been exactly what I had been in the mood for. So I put aside my work and decided to lose myself in this one (I regretted that later but still it was so worth it.) 

Drew Forrester is an Indie car racer about to make it big in the racing world. He lives for the adrenaline, the head rush of a race. His veins are filled with oil not blood.  Trent Mask is the president of  Alpha Omega, and Drew's best friend. But is that all he is? The story starts with them as best friends but soon it becomes evident that both of them want something more, but the world around them might not be the  most accepting one.
Trent lived with his brothers in the frat house, to admit that he is gay even to himself takes him the longest time. And then the other dilemma, the only man he had ever loved, could Drew ever return his feelings? Things get even more complicated as the sexy daughter of Drew's new sponsor arrives on the scene. Trent knows she is everything Drew likes...or is she?

To be honest I read the story expecting a lot of angst and turmoil, but found it overall very chill. Neither Trent nor Drew have the stereotypical gay image- with one being a Footballer and Frat President and the other being the fastest racer on the Indie track.

At some portions, I found the story dragging because the author was overcompensating with explanations. I also felt there was also an information dump at some points. But that said, this is Ms Hebret's first MM romance and Zoe tells me that she has never read nor written anything of this genre prior to #Junkie.  If that't true then kudos to her, because while it might not be the best MM romance I have read, it still managed to create an impact on me. The author managed to make me invested in the story of Trent and Drew. 

I think this is the perfect kind of book to pass time during a long journey, or when you are jobless or when you have job but wants to procrastinate (the last one is me). Also warning- #Junkie is not a standalone. It's second and third parts are also out, so you won't have to worry of cliffhangers. 

Rating:  3/5

I hope you have fun reading it...tell me about it after you have finished. Also, have a great weekend folks...I know I am gonna sleep my way through mine :P

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