Saturday, 6 August 2016

Book Nerd Problems #7

Zoella: This is something, I am sure, you as well as both Jordan and Hira (my co-bloggers) can relate with.

Book nerd problems week 7

Zoella: Which was the sequel that burnt you bad?

Hira: Okay so I JUST had to butt in here and give my two cents of opinion on this topic. Harry Potter is a symbol of my whole childhood. My parents used to read the first few parts to me when I was too young and later the book brought me close to all my closest friends. And now the sequel has just absolutely ruined it all for me. At first I had been in denial and refused to accept that the Queen would actually be a part of such a mediocre work (Come on! I have read fan fictions which had much better plot lines), but now I am just really angry and frustrated. To the quote above, my thoughts  exactly!

Jordan: Oh I've been burnt and scarred by Jojo Moyes's After You. While Me Before You touched my soul to the very core, its sequel made me cringe and throw it out even before I got to the halfway mark. The experience was excruciating, and it ruined the emotional attachment I had towards the characters in Me Before You. Bumblebee tights , my foot!

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